"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm" - George Orwell

Thursday, November 1, 2012

More from Lt. Niece

A little girl in Walmart told her mother she wanted to be a soldier like me for Halloween. I thought it was adorable. Her mom shot me a dirty look. Oops! Looks like I was accidentally a positive female role model for the daughter of a dirty hippy. :-/


  1. Dear Mr. Forester, Do You know a kid named Walter Wolff? If so, A surfer girl that put sand in his pants in Texas, might want to hear from him. Martha that let him in the 81s and have a lamed up friend that you so shared our Cali moments with. So personal but willing to forgive it. Email me at mcollopy1@fuse.net. Text at 513)226-3313. i AM out there. At least you can do is respect it. I know you had a Heart in the Day.. Trying to be poetic, but Eninam is my favorite, besides the the twisted Edgar a Poe. Knock, Knock? Give me a ring a ling please. I need to talk to you about someone. Nicely though, Marti.

  2. I am sorry about your first comment. I am sure (the Mom) was watching unfavorable things about bikers. If she had any doubt about you she would have not let her underagegirl go with you. Repectfully, M is Marti. PS: If my Dad had his say. He would draw a gun, you would say it is not worth it. The end. He is RIP, but I have this mission. I need your help. Willing or not? M

  3. He died of cancer. M

  4. But My Dad had some really old type revolvers that were on the wall. He taught me how to shoot with a glock. I was in the Navy and he thought I had alot of training in bootcamp. I think I gave 12 shots with a 45. I really do not know. Inbetween my Dad and My father in law whom was a police officer, quit after 12 years on the force, for whatever reason wanted to see me shoot at a range. I think it was a 38 or 20. I did manage the profile... Why do fathers do that? I had more fun outside with my Dad, but respected the time in the gun range and My Father in law. My Dad was safety all the way. He only had to tell us kids not to touch his guns and we all did not. No accidents. But my sister had a few withdrawls with her son. He committed some freak cat, rabbit and such accidents. What's up with that? I know if I was in a paint ball brawl I will go out to express color. But not live animals. Only for survival. I am totally rambling. I am so sorry. I like your art. I think. M

  5. Wow I guess I'm getting famous. Seems Stephen and I are having the same problem with spam.

    I apologize to my regular readers. I'm going to leave this stuff here for a little while. Just to see if it goes any further.

    Based on the Anon name and the rambling, it seems I have attracted a sad Obama believer. Vote early and often. Live long and prosper. Kirk out!

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